Sunday, 31 March 2013

Reasons to be cheerful ... Part 2

Yesterday it was 'Reasons to be cheerful Part 1 (inside)' and, as promised, here is 'Reasons to be cheerful ... Part 2 (outside). There ARE reasons, honestly, despite the cold !

All these things are in flower today in my garden, and, whilst it is not really a Spring garden, there is still some colour. So, in no particular order, as they say ...

The beautiful Anenome Blanda, which looks far too delicate to survive in cold conditions.

Ever cheerful, bog standard daffie !

Cheating ? Maybe a little as, strictly speaking, these are new leaf bracts rather than flowers,  but this 'Euphorbia Craigeburn' is still very colourful as it bursts into life.

Self seeded Hellebores. I have just potted up about 20 little seedlings which I found lurking under the leaves of their parents.

These Iris Reticulata are my new babies and this is the first time they have flowered. The blue is the most fantastic blue ever.

Pulmonaria loves the conditions in my garden, so much so that it self seeds everywhere ... and I just let it. The bees love it too, which is another good reason to let it go crazy. I have got some lovely pure  sapphire blue which is not out just yet - nearly but not quite.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Marathon Man of the garden this year, deserving of a 'Long Service' medal, as these Snowdrops have been in flower for AGES. I have never known anything like it in other years. It must be the continuing cold which is keeping them flowering without going over. They go well with the Euonymus next door .

So, there are reasons to be cheerful out there, although there is still an awful lot of bare soil.

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