Monday, 1 April 2013

De-frogification :-(

Oh dear, it doesn't look good ... I had a little walk down to the wildlife pond this morning to check up on the progress of the frogspawn.

 As I feared, it is not developing at all, due to the freezing temperatures we have had recently. There is clearly no development in the eggs and the jelly around them has become cloudy and is breaking down.

The more recently laid frogspawn still looks good, but I think it is a bit of an illusion, as it too, will fail to develop having been frozen in the icy water. I am wondering if there will be more spawn laid, or if that is it now until next year? There is no sign of a frog anywhere, whereas the pond is usually full of them at this time.

On the smiley side though, I did see my first glimpse this season of a stickleback, as it darted out of a clump of weed, far too speedily for a photo opportunity !

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