Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Standing room only ...

There has hardly been room for me to squeeze into my greenhouse lately, as tender plants sheltering from the extremes of winter, jostled against trays of growing seedlings.

For the past month it has been standing room only as seeds have germinated, grown, and needed pricking out, taking up more and more space. Because it has been so cold I have not even been able to decant my young hardy plants outside, so they have kept their place in the warm . All the large tender Exotics have still needed the protection of the greenhouse too.

I couldn't even get to my chair, nevermind sit in it !

Here are some of the tender boys who have needed the protection over the winter - tree ferns, palms, variegated phormiums and a very sad Stags Horn fern. I fear I may lose the Stags Horn fern, which would be a great shame as I absolutely love it. 

But ... look at them all now , released into the great outdoors ! Free at last! 

Although the weather is a lot warmer,  night time temperatures can still be low, with a danger of frost, but they should be able to cope with it. We have just kept the tree ferns inside as we don't want to put them at risk.

At last they have space and air around them and they can benefit from the spring sunshine.

So, now I have my greenhouse back, and I have room to sit and ruminate ! I have room to pot on my young plants, and I can start to plant in the open beds. I can sit and drink a cup of tea or even a glass of wine, on a nice sunny evening!

I can get to everything again, and use my potting bench without falling over things.

There is even room for The Dark Destroyer to ply his trade !

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  1. Chilly winter can affect regular operations, especially if one is working from or one is having home office for the purpose. winter protection is also necessary for some more sensitive plants and garden rooms are ideal for the purpose. your blog is so colorful and exciting :)


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