Monday, 20 May 2013

May time, play time ...

I think that this is the very best best bit of the year, in the garden.There is so much colour and interest, yet so much still to come. Things are growing so rapidly, that changes seem to occur almost overnight. Foliage is still fresh and young, and everything is still in the first flush of growth. Geraniums are in neat little mounds, not yet sprawling across the paths, delphiniums are still standing up straight and foliage on the roses is still shining with health ! There is so much to photograph in the garden, it is hard to know what to choose.

The following photos are just a representation of some of the things currently in flower in the garden. For the camera geeks who are interested, it has been a trial run for my new Macro lens, which I am using on my CanonEOS300D. It is a Sigma 70 - 300 mm f4-5.6 APO DG- Macro lens. The lens is capable of Macro photography with 1:2 magnification ratio.

Dicentra Spectabilis

Tree Fern frond unfurling

Tulip - not a clue which one !

Apple blossom




Japanese Painted fern


  1. Beautiful pictures well done :)

  2. Hi Gra, I am enjoying my new Macro lens ... :-)

  3. Hi Jane, the Centaura and Japanese painted fern are so attractive. Wish they are in my garden ;-) Cheers, Stephanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie - wish I could give you some of the Centaura as it is like a weed, I pull loads up, as it self seeds all over, mostly in the right places. the fern is so delicate , particularly when it first unfurls and the colours are so strong .

  4. Great shots! The tree fern is so very interesting - I think I could look at the photo for hours and still not see all its detail.

  5. Thanks HolleyGarden, very happy with the new lens as I can get so close to stuff now, so more detail is revealed. Who needs words !

  6. Lovely photos. Me the camera geek was going to ask you about the camera. Good that you posted about it already :-)

  7. Thanks KL. have used a standard lens before and the macro makes it sooo much easier. Didn't use a tripod but obvs will in different conditions.


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