Friday, 10 May 2013

Spring into Summer...

'The louder you scream , the faster we go' ! This is the start of the best ride of all, that fleeting, quickening whoosh that the garden makes, as it transforms from a Spring garden to a summer one.

The bare earth is vanishing, replaced by fresh green burgeoning growth, giving that lush feel of early summer. Most things are growing strongly now and just waiting for their turn to shine.

Some have stepped out onto the stage already ...


Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea

The buds are beginning to fatten on the peonies

This is the first Centaura of the year - how can something this beautiful be such a thug !

The first Geranium.

The first Vinca.

Euphorbia Wulfenii

Euphorbia Polychroma

This Angelica is well over a metre high already.


Fresh new leaves on the Acer Palmatum.

It won't be long before the flower spikes start to form on these lupins.

There is something about daisy type flowers that I don't really like, and I don't like yellow flowers much as a rule ! How perverse ! However ... in the case of this Doronicum I make an exception, as it is so bright and cheerful early in the year.

Not the best photo in the world but I had to include it because it is the FIRST rosebud of the season. It is my favourite climber 'Cinderella' and it won't be long before it comes out to play !

However, it is not all sweetness and light ...

My poor Fremontodendron looks as if it may be the only victim claimed by the Winter this year, but I will wait with optimism, to see if there may be a flicker of life in there somewhere.

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